How does a sustainable supply chain drive efficiency?

Business Case

Company: ShaanXi Tianju Investment Group:   

Business sector: Consumer Staples & Retail company 

Solutions: End to end Rail solution - 100% carbon neutral - Green solution    

Geographical areas: Slovakia – China  

Customer context

ShaanXi Tianju Investment Group, a Consumer Staples & Retail company, together with GEFCO have included rail transportation within their supply chain to make the solution carbon neutral and efficient .  

Business challenges

  • To import European consumer goods from Slovakia to China with short transit time & reliable tracking   

  • To reduce carbon footprint

  • The consumer goods transported required some specific hygiene and temperature controls

GEFCO Solution

  • Carbon neutral Block train : 41 containers 100% offsetting
  • Neutral smelling, dust free rail containers 
  • 100% Tracking: position and temperature   
  • Door to door transit time: 30 days    
  • The journey : The three-week journey on the New Silk Road included travel from Slovakia to Brest-Małaszewicze at the Polish-Belorussian border, where the goods were transferred from European to Russian rail wagons to adapt to the 1.52m rail gauge. The block train then travelled through Belarus and Russia and arrived at Alashankou-Dostyk in Kazakhstan, a major link in the Eurasian Land Bridge on the border with Xinjiang, the port of entry into China. The goods were then loaded onto Chinese wagons before their final delivery in Xi’an. 

Customer Benefits

With this carbon neutral solution, the customer has achieved the Triple advantage  

  • Environment: CO2 footprint reduction  

  • Local economies: Offsetting via Gold standard  

  • Profit: Accelerated time to market as well as a positive image and reputation