A unique point of contact to monitor and optimise your flows and reinforce the customer experience 

In an increasingly complex and uncertain environment, visibility is a crucial issue to make your supply chain reliable and optimise your overall flows. For more than 15 years, we monitor control towers to meet your needs on a national or international scale. Our solutions rely on : 

  • A collaborative robust IT system
  • International teams available 24/7/365
  • Standard processes customised to your specific issues 

Solutions that meet the overall challenges of your supply chain

Answer to your national and international needs

  • Supply chain control tower 
  • Transport control tower (road transport in Europe and freight forwarding) 
  • Customs control tower 

Supply chain control tower

Control and optimise your supply chain from end-to-end

As a logistics integrator, our aim is to optimise complex supply chains of industrial products, consumer goods, pharmaceutical goods or finished vehicles through control towers. Our objective is to: 

  • Monitor your supply chain from end-to-end 
  • Optimise your overall flows and associated budget 
  • Optimise sustainable quality of service 
  • Manage the supply chain risks in a proactive and reactive manner

A control tower dedicated to road transport flows monitoring in Europe

Optimise and simplify the management of your inbound and outbound flows

From Europe to Central Asia, our teams ensure the monitoring of your road transport operations to offer you and your clients a unique customer experience. Our control towers operate flows monitoring at 3 levels: operational, tactical and strategic. Our aim is to provide you with an optimal visibility, to reinforce the collaboration within your supply chain and ensure coordination of your flows. 

  • Order management, planning, shipments tracking, invoicing and performance follow up at an operational level
  • Mid-term planning and CO2 emissions analysis at a tactical level 
  • Engineering and reengineering of flows, productivity planning at a strategic level

International freight forwarding  control tower

Optimise your flows worldwide and accelerate your time to market

To manage your inbound and outbound flows, our experts offer you a centralised organisation to monitor and synchronise your international flows. 

  • Orders management, planning, shipments tracking , invoicing and performance follow up at an operational level 
  • Vendors assessment, management of multi-countries customs operations at a tactical level
  • Engineering and reengineering of flows, productivity plan at a strategic level

Harmonie, the customs control tower

Optimise your customs operations worldwide and reduce risks

Based on our experience and expertise of international customs operations, we offer you a control tower to manage the complexity of international customs procedures. Our aim is to accelerate your time to market: to do so, our control towers rely on dedicated local teams, an international network and a unique and collaborative IT system : HARMONIE 

  • Coordination of your customs operations by a unique contact
  • Management of your multi-countries customs clearance orders 
  • Tracking of your customs activities 
  • Performance monitoring 
  • Consolidation and centralised invoicing 


  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence
    • Cost optimisation
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via a Control Tower